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The Most Comprehensive Source of Local Ad Spending Data
With advertising budget decisions involving substantial dollars, quality competitive data is crucial. For market-focused advertisers, this information plays a critical role in the formulation and allocation of local market budgets. 

For over 30 years, Voicetrak has produced the most comprehensive local ad spending reports available.
Through an extensive survey of 9,300 media vehicles across six mediums in 210 DMAs, our coverage is unparalleled.

While monitoring services provide limited and inconsistent coverage of local spending, Voicetrak reports provide advertisers with a comprehensive view of local competitive conditions across every local market within their footprint.

To learn more about how Voicetrak can help you spot trends, combat threats, create opportunities and support critical investments everywhere you do business, visit our Advertisers & Agencies page or contact us for additional information.

Voicetrak consistently delivers total market revenues   from the broadest range of local market media companies: not only for the largest markets where we compete, but for those that fall well outside of the "Top-100" designation."

    -Ray Donnelly/02 Ideas on behalf of Verizon Wireless

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