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Study Overview & Objective
Competitive media spending data is vital in the planning and allocating of advertising budgets. Combined with market share data, it provides advertisers and agencies with a powerful tool to set budgets based on local market conditions.

Since 1987, Voicetrak has conducted an advertiser-funded, local market competitive study via direct survey of the media. Each quarter, survey requests are sent to 9,300 media vehicles including spot television, cable systems and interconnects, radio stations, newspapers and business journals, out-of-home companies and local magazines. These requests seek historical spending data for all advertisers in each client-requested category. 

Our study was developed to help market-focused advertisers get a better view of local competitive conditions with emphasis on providing maximum protection and benefit to the media community.

Media Benefits 

Stimulate Spending:  Helping advertisers gain a clear understanding of the competitive pressures they face allows them to justify the kind of budget increases that stimulate local market spending. They don’t typically have the time or additional financial resources to augment Voicetrak data. They tend to accept it at face value, constructing their local market media budgets based solely on this information. It’s in everyone’s interest to supply them with the most complete view possible. Advertiser competition fuels media sales. 

Shared Results:  All media participants are provided with the study results free of charge. Reports provide media sales and research professionals with substantive, actionable information on category and advertiser trends, sales opportunities and a clear understanding of their full market revenue share. Adjacent markets, similarly-sized DMAs, national and statewide roll-ups and customized time-frame analyses are also available at no charge.

Confidentiality:  Voicetrak maintains a strict policy of aggregating all data submissions by medium to protect each contributing source. Our methods and practices have been favorably reviewed by media groups and trade associations.

Efficiency:  A set quarterly schedule and extended lead time provide a considerable improvement over traditional agency requests. Most participants report electronically or via printout reducing the time commitment to less than 10 minutes each quarter.

No Contracts or Commitments:  Media participation is always voluntary. No contracts, no costs, no commitments.

For current media partners looking for additional information or training, or for those interested in joining our study, please contact us. To view a sample of a shared market activity report, click here.