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Study Overview
If you’re an advertiser competing at the market level, or represent one, you know that understanding local competitive conditions can be a challenge. Voicetrak offers a unique solution to the limitations and inconsistencies of monitored competitive tracking services or internally-managed studies. 

By conducting a direct survey of 9,300 local media vehicles, Voicetrak provides the most comprehensive local ad spending data available. We provide the insight that allows you to determine where you stand competitively everywhere you do business. When combined with market share data, our share-of-voice reports provide a powerful tool to set budgets based on local market conditions, help you evaluate performance relative to spending, and identify where advertising dollars will yield the greatest returns.

Unparalleled Coverage

Voicetrak's local media coverage is unmatched by any other advertising monitoring service. Our detailed coverage includes six local media types in all 210 DMAs including spot television, cable systems and interconnects, radio stations, newspapers and business journals, out-of-home companies and local magazines.

Quarterly requests are sent to media throughout each sponsored market (not just the metro area), seeking actual spending data for all advertisers in each client-requested category for full category coverage. This collection method is transferable and comparable in all markets, making cross-state and cross-market comparisons possible. ​Our proven study methodology has remained the same since Voicetrak's inception in 1987.

Customized Reporting

Voicetrak expenditure reports can be generated using a wide range of variables including markets, timeframes,  competitors and media. Local media can even be isolated in order to run submarket reports. For instance, Hudson Valley can be broken out as a subset of the New York DMA. And with Voicetrak's comprehensive coverage of Hispanic media, we offer Hispanic media spending reports.

Reports include advertiser data reported over a rolling eight-quarter timeframe, providing detailed analytics that make historical trends and patterns easy to evaluate. Our reports enable you to analyze and view data from any perspective, giving you the data you need to support critical investment and media mix decisions. Voicetrak can even integrate data you've gathered from external sources into a single, cohesive report.

Category Coverage

Voicetrak can manage competitive studies in any market-focused category. Areas of specialization include Banking, Credit Unions, Hospitals, Healthcare, Supermarkets, Gaming/Casinos, Higher Education, Insurance, Fast Food, Casual Dining, Automotive, Wireless Communications, Mortgage Lending and Brokerage/Investment.

For more information, please contact our sales team. To view a report sample, click here.